Get a Plate

I know if I’m watching tv or just am plain bored, I will snack. The worst, for me, is when I’m really hungry and I’m cooking something for myself. Whatever snack are around –I will be into them. The problem with that, is that we have no idea what we are eating and how much. First of all, we eat too quickly – not allowing our brain to process the intake of food. Secondly, if you are eating straight from the container – there is no portion control.

So what do we do? If I could say eliminate unnecessary snacking altogether, I would, but I don’t think that’s a realistic option. Instead I recommend taking out a bowl or a plate. Limit yourself to a “serving” size of the snack. Your laziness might even go in affect and you rather not have the snack than to pour it into a bowl. I challenge you to try this.


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