Staying Active

No one wants to hear this but it’s the end of the summer and right after the Fall we have a long winter ahead. It will be time to sit inside, eat soup, snuggle under blankets and eat a little more than usual. Don’t let that change of temperature affect your workout habits.

There are some easy tips you should always try to follow:

  • Turn off the TV – get up and move around. Don’t become a couch potato but actually do something. This also causes mindless munching. It’s a known fact that we eat more when we are watching television because our mind can’t process us getting “full”.
  • “Spring” Clean – just because the weather is getting cooler, does not mean you can’t Spring clean. I find any change of season is the perfect excuse to rid yourself of the junk. If you’re doing it right – you’re working up a sweat and making the task that much more beneficial.
  • Change your Timing – Maybe after work was the perfect workout time for you in the summer, when it gets darker later. Time to switch it up with the seasons – go for walks at lunch. Try to get up early once a week and do a morning workout.
  • Feeling sporty – join a jog team or a rec sports team. The season isn’t too long and you have the “obligation” to actually go.

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