It’s not always easy to manage priorities especially when you have a type A personality and feel like you have to do everything by yourself. I have that trouble all the time – delegating is not my strong suit, and when I do – it becomes more of a command than a request to others, and I come off as not the friendliest “boss”. It’s only for certain things, but still.

When you’re that busy – finding the time to workout becomes a chore. Instead of enjoying your time at the gym, you are watching the clock and counting down minutes. Instead, try shortened high-intensity workouts that do the same thing as a lengthy workout. It’s not always the duration – it’s the power you put behind it.

I’ve been posting “short” intense workouts on this blog that you can use when you’re in a time crunch and remember that working out doesn’t always have to be at the gym. I find I can get a good workout almost anywhere.



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