Roadblocks, Journeys, Detours, and Living Happy

Every day I post about workouts and ways to tone your body. Yes, this is the basis of my blog and the reason I started it. I wanted to have one central location for tips, advice, and workouts that I found throughout the web, through others, and just general information I came across.

Sometimes, however, you have to sit back and really take a breather and start at square one again. Begin that conversation with yourself of why you are starting this process. What are your motivators and what drives you to succeed. If you can’t answer those questions, you will not reap any rewards.

I don’t believe in “diets”, I believe in eating healthy. I don’t believe in depriving yourself of things you crave, I believe in eating those “bad” foods in moderation. I view workouts and healthy lifestyles as a journey, not a destination. You don’t get to an end-point. You are constantly improving and bettering yourself – as you do with every other aspect of life.

That’s why I believe “fad” diets are just that, a “fad”. You can’t stay on diets forever, yet you are trying to be healthy forever – so how does that make sense? You need to live in your body for the rest of your life. You need to feed it to survive and take care of it as you would for say, your car and your house. Although I don’t think measuring yourself against objects is the best portrayal – I think I got my point across.

So what’s the point of this rambled blog post? I can’t say there is one particular point, per say. It is more of a declaration of my feelings towards living healthy and living to your “fullest”. Try to stay positive on this road and don’t reprimand yourself for set-backs. You have a long road ahead and the progress you make, even the smallest, is a step towards the right direction. Just as any trip, you come across detours and roadblocks but you make it through. The light will always be shining for you and there will always be support behind your cause. Congratulations on taking life into your own hands and really treating your body the way it was meant to be treated.


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