Shut up and Dance with Me

It’s so difficult to eat right when you go out. We complain that we spent the weekend eating junk food or eating out too frequently, but when you have a busy life – that’s what happens. You spend more time away from the home, where (hopefully) you are making smarter choices.

And when you bring friends into the mix, it’s even worse – it’s more of the “oh fries – ok, we’ll be bad together” – and that sort of mentality. You just have to stay more in tune with what your goals are and try to behave in at least one aspect. You want the fries, give up the dessert. Want that extra couple cocktails… have a healthier dinner option.

And then when all else fails, dance the calories away…


Living in America


It’s sad that the left side seems “natural” to me… in fact, it seems a little small if I was really hungry. We need to start looking at food and realizing the size of our stomachs – we try to cram in too much food and realize, after the fact, that we overate.



It’s not always easy to manage priorities especially when you have a type A personality and feel like you have to do everything by yourself. I have that trouble all the time – delegating is not my strong suit, and when I do – it becomes more of a command than a request to others, and I come off as not the friendliest “boss”. It’s only for certain things, but still.

When you’re that busy – finding the time to workout becomes a chore. Instead of enjoying your time at the gym, you are watching the clock and counting down minutes. Instead, try shortened high-intensity workouts that do the same thing as a lengthy workout. It’s not always the duration – it’s the power you put behind it.

I’ve been posting “short” intense workouts on this blog that you can use when you’re in a time crunch and remember that working out doesn’t always have to be at the gym. I find I can get a good workout almost anywhere.