Fitness Journal – Challenge

I haven’t posted a challenge recently so here’ s a new one and one that I find hard to maintain. It involves discipline. Start a fitness journal and try to keep it for at least a month – really give it a chance to see if it works. Don’t limit yourself either. Usually I start with just my food intakes and that is boring, tedious, and I don’t find it easy to follow.

This doesn’t have to be on an actual journal either – if you are out, save the info in your phone (you never go anywhere without it). That way, if you want, you can transcribe later, email to yourself, or just save digitally. Whatever works for you. Keep it fun. Write about music that really worked to bump up your workout; maybe something you ate that day that gave you extra energy; a compliment that really pushed you to go to the gym. All of these will help feed your workouts and hopefully yield positive fitness achievements.

10 reasons to keep a fitness journal


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