Mushroom Pizzas

Who doesn’t love pizza? I feel badly about it though when I have it too often. I would love to eat pizza at lunch every day, but my body would not be happy with me. And I feel like after I eat a meal like that, I become very sluggish for the rest of the day. That being said, I create an alternative to pizza to bring for lunch. It’s easy prep work that can be done the night before and reheats very well.

You need some mushrooms which you wash and remove the stems, tomato sauce, cheese of your choice, and seasonings (if you prefer).

I take the mushrooms and put them upside down so that I can see the hole where the stem was (it creates a little bowl). I put about 6-8 of these small mushrooms in a baking pan and then fill them up with tomato sauce, add some seasonings (salt, pepper, oregano) and then put a little bit of cheese on top. I place them in the oven for about 20 minutes and then turn out delicious.

Then I pack away for work and reheat for a minute the next day. What a treat!



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