Your diet and your Health

I just saw a friend’s mom the other day and her appearance made me do a double-take, multiple times. Not only was she glowing, she had lost a lot of weight. Her skin looked great, her hair looked great – she was happy and healthy. When I asked her how she was doing it, she said she was watching what she eats. Later on when I spoke to my friend (her daughter) and she gave me the “recipe for success”.

Her mom still eats what she likes, she still drinks and goes out. What did she change? She learned portion control. Something so easy but also easily forgotten. She bought containers for work to separate her food out in the correct portions (also bringing better food – like grilled chicken with spinach). The results were and are outstanding!

This just further proves that the majority of your weight and your appearance has to do with what you put into your body. Did I neglect to mention, she also does not go to the gym. This was all strictly from a food-intake perspective. Crazy right?

When I was discussing this with someone else, we got on the topic of large portions when you go out to dinner. Her friend said when she gets pasta out (typically like 4 times the normal size portion you should be eating), she takes her bread dish and puts her portion on there. She saves the rest and brings it home.

Your mind is a funny thing. You don’t register that you are full until after the overeating occurs. You should really stop eating when you are comfortable. That’s where Americans have the problem…we like excess, we don’t like to waste, and we enjoy have a “dining experience” where we sit longer than we probably should – leading to more eating. It’s a power of will – you versus your food. Who is going to win?



One thought on “Your diet and your Health

  1. debyonce says:

    Great post quite inspirational,sometimes people think that stop eating is the solution without knowing that only works if you eat properly

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