Now that’s something to chew on

I know health articles tell you to eat bigger meals in the day and lighter at night, but sometimes your schedule at work just don’t allow it or you become lazy and don’t have the time to eat the nutritious lunch you really should have. I go to the gym after work, so this can become a problem for me. I have had to leave the gym before because I was hungry – a horrible reason to cut my workout short. And the distance from the gym to home is oftentimes too long. Now, I’ve been packing fruit snacks to hold me over and I finally found ones that I really enjoy and are good for you. These aren’t the “hard to chew” fruit snacks that just get stuck in your teeth. What’s great about packing something like this, is that it doesn’t melt and doesn’t get crushed in your bag. So many times I’ve brought power bars that either melted or got crumbled.


If you’re looking for an easy snack to bring, I’d highly recommend it – (no paid sponsorship here just general customer feedback for a good product).



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