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Happy Friday ya’ll



Bosu Ball

If you are wanting to really work your core, I recommend  using a Bosu ball. Most gyms have these flat balls scattered throughout the gym.

Here are some common workouts to try:

  • Push ups with the ball side down (you are working your balance and your core)
  • Sit ups/crunches with the ball side up (easier on your back than on floor)
  • Squats with the ball side up (again, stabilization of your core)
  • Stand and Balance with the ball side up while doing any type of weight training (bicep curls, tricep kickbacks)

And of course, it is now made in pink which is a new reason to get a ball of your own.


What were you thinking?

Sometimes what I see people wear in the gym is more than disturbing. I’m sure you’ve all seen the same people I have – every gym has them.

But as I was looking at the DIY tank from yesterday’s blog post, I can’t help but laugh at this tank that I’m sure many people own:


When it comes to this, I have no words. I’m not a fan of the slogan tanks to begin with but this takes it to a different level. How is this cute?

Plans for Fall/Winter

They say that a bikini body is made in the winter. As we are at the height of the summer – we should already be making our plans and goals for next year. Start hard in the fall so you continue on in the winter. It doesn’t take much to get into a routine of working out…even if you don’t want to go to the gym in the winter, there are plenty of workouts that you can do in the home and in some places with little or no equipment. Be prepared for your challenges and conquer them!

Running in the Heat

I found a surprising statistic about running in the heat. comments that you should slow your pace down in the summer months or excessive heat.

“Slow down: Every 5°F rise in temperature above 60°F can slow your pace by as much as 20 to 30 seconds per mile. So don’t fight it—just slow down.”

I thought it was just my problem with heat running but it’s good to know that there’s a reason behind it.