Home Gym Essentials

gym-mirrorsEvery home gym is different – not only by size and aesthetics but what the person is really going to use the space for.

Here are a couple of questions I think everyone should ask themselves before buying items for their home gym.

  • Will this be my primary workout location?
  • How often/how much time will I spend in this space?
  • Will one or more people be using the space at the same time?
  • Will the space be used for workout DVDs?
  • Will there be the need for machines?
  • What is the primary focus?
    • Strength Training
    • Core
    • Aerobics
    • Cardio Mix

Once you figure out your plan and goals, you should choose what machine or machines you would like to have in the room.  Of course, you will need a TV or projector if you will be using workout DVDs.  Music is also a very good motivator – and


Free Weights are always a good idea.  A stability ball or a weighted ball is great for core. Kettle bells are being used more frequently and for various workouts. I would also include a tension band in here as well. Don’t forget the importance of mirrors as well!


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