Find your Beat

Music and Working Out


Pilates Basics

I go back and forth with my views on Pilates.  Sometimes I feel like it’s a great workout, and other times I feel like it is a waste of a workout – that I didn’t sweat enough.

I think oftentimes it depends on the instructor or which moves you decide to do.  Want to try something? Start with a few of the basics.


The Dreaded Cables

This is a unique challenge I’m posing to mainly the women out there. Get out of your comfort zone and use this. You’d be surprised how much cable work can transform your body.
Don’t know what to do? Watch someone else and then jump in.


Fit Foods

We are all busy.  It’s the reason why fast-food is so appealing.  Who has the time to prepare every meal?  Well, if you get in a habit of prepping on the weekends – (I always do on Sundays) you can make healthy grab-and-gos for the whole week.


Even if you don’t have a bar at home, you can use a chair.

Check out this great “beginner’s” barre workout.


Gyms are really starting to follow the trends of body resistance training.  TRX is a huge part of that.  If you want to try TRX and not really sure what it’s about or how you can use the contraption, try a few of these moves.  What’s great about TRX is you can make it as easy or as hard as you want, just by the length of the ropes and by the angles of your body.  You are working against your own bodyweight and can get an excellent workout this way.