Tips for a Healthier Pizza


I love pizza, but I also have some issues with larger consumptions of dairy products and not to mention the fat. To combat this and still get my need fulfilled from pizza, I’ve often times created my own recipes or altered my ordering process.

At a Restaurant:

*I like to order a thin crust pizza or something with a wheat-based crust.  If you want to go deep dish, be more sparse on your topping choices.

*Cheese is a big “fat factor” on pizza; the grease alone could be soaked up with a paper-towel (which I actually recommend doing – or a napkin).  It doesn’t look silly; you’d be surprised how many people do it and you’ll be shocked and how much grease you removed from the top.

*Get your veggie on – mix some of your favorites; say it’s sausage with some green veggies to balance out.

At Home:

*Create your own sauce.  Jar sauce can be really high in salt.  Get a starter can of sauce and mix in your own spices or use diced tomatoes instead.

*When picking a crust; again look for thinner crust or wheat based, or opt out and try something new like a mushroom crust or grain crust.

Extra tip:  If you like mushrooms, and you want a little snack, use small store-bought mushrooms, remove the bottoms, fill the caps with some sauce and top with a little cheese.  Place on a baking sheet and put in the oven for 15-20 minutes, or until the cheese is melted to your liking (temp at 450) and enjoy a great and healthy snack or easy to heat up work lunch.


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