DIY in life

I love HGTV and all the DIY projects…having a sense of ownership over what you create is really big in my mind. So why should it be different when it comes to your body? You have the power to create yourself…you’re your own DIY. Start with the basics: the materials, the tasks, the timeframe and the budget just like you would a house project.

Materials: Obviously yourself and the location (gym, at home, equipment etc)

The Tasks: What type of change do you want to see? How are you getting yourself there? Is it a personal trainer; is it going religiously to the gym or using DVDs; is it a main focus on diet and clean eating?

Timeframe: What is your goal? Are you doing this for a certain date or timeframe (however, that being said – diet and exercise should be considered a way of life and not a specific period of time).

Budget: What are you willing to put into this? Gym membership; equipment at home; dvds; or DIY fitness equipment made from household materials (free).

There’s the start to DIY project on you.

Enlist your Co-Workers


Sometimes you need a boost… some inspiration to make it to the gym or to motivate yourself. Finding someone at work to join you could be the answer – or creating challenges for you and others to complete as a “team” could be another way.

By using the “challenges” I have posted or creating your own like: this week will be the week of no sweets, you can encourage your co-workers to participate and try to set goals for one another. I find at times that peer pressure and competition is the best fuel.

Healthy Cooking

We’re getting close to the holidays where eating healthy becomes a lot harder. It’s quick meals spiked with peppermint mochas and sugar cookies. It’s easy to forget your health and just focus on the deliciousness of the season, while telling yourself it’s only because of the holidays.

But once you have those sweets – it’s hard to put them down. I have the same trouble with Halloween candy. I can go without candy all year long but once Halloween or Easter come along and the candy is in front of me, I crave it on a daily basis.

I came across a great healthy cooking blog that I wanted to share with you all. Many test some of these recipes out for the holidays!

Oh She Glows Blog